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Events for Movers

What to see and who to move!

1. **Moving Industry Trade Shows and Expos:**

   - International Association of Movers (IAM) Annual Meeting & Expo

   - American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) Conference & Expo

   - National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Annual Conference

2. **Moving Equipment and Logistics Conferences:**

   - Events focusing on the latest equipment, technology, and logistics solutions in the moving industry.

3. **Local Moving Association Meetings:**

   - Attend meetings held by local moving associations for networking and education.

4. **Online Webinars for Movers:**

   - Participate in webinars discussing moving industry trends, regulations, and best practices.

5. **Moving Truck and Equipment Manufacturer Showcases:**

   - Attend events hosted by moving truck and equipment manufacturers to learn about new products and technologies.

6. **Moving Business Seminars and Workshops:**

   - Sessions discussing business growth, marketing strategies, and customer service for moving companies.

7. **Community Outreach and Charity Events:**

   - Participate in events promoting charitable moving services, community engagement, and disaster response.

8. **Moving Industry Awards and Recognition Events:**

   - Ceremonies honoring outstanding movers, companies, and innovations in the industry.

9. **Moving Technology Expositions:**

   - Events focusing on technology solutions for efficient move planning, tracking, and customer communication.

10. **Packing and Storage Workshops:**

    - Sessions addressing proper packing techniques, specialized moving services, and storage solutions.

11. **Moving Insurance and Risk Management Seminars:**

    - Workshops discussing insurance options, risk assessment, and safety protocols in the moving business.

12. **International Moving and Relocation Conferences:**

    - Events centered around international moving and global mobility challenges.

13. **Moving Truck Driving Competitions:**

    - Competitions showcasing skilled truck driving and maneuvering for moving professionals.

14. **Home Staging and Real Estate Events:**

    - Exhibitions on home staging and real estate trends for movers involved in real estate services.

15. **Green and Eco-Friendly Moving Expos:**

    - Events focusing on sustainable moving practices, eco-friendly packing materials, and fuel-efficient vehicles.